About us

Welcome to Golf Mats UK, also known as Barmonset, Golf Mats or GMUK!

We specialise in supplying Golf Clubs and their Green Keepers with equipment that includes winter tee mats, practice nets, tee markers and boxes, flags, signage and golf course accessories, furniture and specialist cutting tools including the new Edgit Pro.

At GMUK we offer a personal service and care for our customers who continue to recommend us to others. As golf enthusiasts we understand the importance of supplying equipment that has been crafted with the highest attention to detail. Therefore, we ensure our products are of the highest standard yet commensurate with prices to suit your budget. We are happy to provide new and existing customers a quotation via phone or email.

Barmonset began supplying golf supplies and equipment to courses well over twenty years ago. Some time later, Gold Mats UK joined forces with Barmonset and rather than come up with a brand new name that had the potential to alienate existing customers, the two names simply merged together – hence, Golf Mats UK Barmonset.

We took over the company in May 2008 and again, rather than change the company name to confuse you all, we’ve decided to keep things just as they are. However, now that we run the company on a full-time basis we hope to be able to expand and consistently improve our service.

We do supply the keen golfer who wants a new putting green in the back garden. As well as recently the cricket club we supplied new nets to.

If you’re not already on our list of courses to visit, or you would like us to supply to your club, please call us and we’ll happily add you to our database.

If you have needs that are not shown on this site there are two people you need to talk to and they are;

Adam Middle is the man on the road and he endeavours to visit each course in the south at least 3 times a year. Adam carries a multitude of products with him on board, anything from bunker rakes to protective helmets to the very latest designs in course markers, so you can buy whatever you need. If you have a visit scheduled (we always write to our green-keepers in advance of a course visit) and you need something specific, we can pre-order your products and Adam can deliver them on the day he visits wherever possible.

Sheenah Middle is the person on the phone and your contact in the office. She is the one to contact with invoicing and payments you may need to discuss.

As you can see, we sell more than just Golf Mats and we’ve come a long way in 20 years since Barmonset. So, we don’t really mind what you call us just as long as you do…